All the below facilities are available for:

  • All Veterinarians for official and domestic purpose.
  • All Government Institutions for official and domestic purpose.
  • All Universities for official and domestic purpose.
  • Private persons for domestic functions with reference from any registered Veterinarian.


Guest Rooms

Two Bed A/C: 5 numbers

Two Bed Non A/C: 17 numbers

Three Bed Non A/C: 2 numbers

Conference Hall

Capacity: 50+ members

  • Fully Air Conditioned.
  • LCD Projector with screen.
  • Audio system.
  • Spacious round conference table.
  • Executive seating facility.

Auditorium / Convention Hall

Capacity: 200+ members

  • Fully Air Conditioned.
  • Fixed cushion chairs.
  • LCD Projector with screen.
  • Dias & Stage with curtain.
  • In-built audio system.
  • Dining lounge.


Lecture cum Seminar Hall

Available: 2 numbers

  • Teaching board.
  • Student chairs.
  • Table, etc.


For any further information, contact us.