Below listed is information on some very commonly asked questions. Should you have any other question, please feel free to contact us.

What is Central and State Veterinary Council Act, Rules and Regulations and who will implement them?
Indian Veterinary Council is a statutory organization to implement Indian Veterinary Council Act 1984 which provides to regulate Veterinary education, prescribe minimum standards of Veterinary education and Veterinary practice in the country. The Act extends to all States. Karnataka Veterinary Council Rules 1998 are framed accordingly.

What are the functions of Karnataka Veterinary Council?
The Karnataka Veterinary Council is implementing the Central and State Veterinary Council Acts, Rules and Regulation that include preparation and maintenance of State Veterinary Practitioners Register. Implementation of Continuing Veterinary Education is another component.

What are the privileges of Registered Veterinary Practitioner?
It is a statutory requirement that all Veterinary graduates engaged in Veterinary profession should register in Karnataka Veterinary Council and possess valid Registration Certificate which entitles him to be a Veterinary Professional according to his qualification.

What is the right conferred on enrolment in State Veterinary Practitioner’s Register?
No person other than a registered Veterinary Practitioner shall hold office in any capacity or practice Veterinary Medicine in any State. Only the persons permitted by state government under Section 30 of I.V.C. Act 1984 are eligible to practice Veterinary Medicine or render services as Veterinary Physician or Surgeon.

Who is eligible for Registration in Karnataka Veterinary Council?
Graduates in Veterinary Science Possessing recognized Veterinary qualification and who is residing in Karnataka State.

Is it necessary for Veterinary Professionals to register in both K.V.C. and I.V.C.?
Not necessarily. The Registration particulars will be communicated from this office to I.V.C. who will automatically incorporate in their Register.

What are the documents to be produced for Registration?
Form of Application for Registration (Form VIII); Original Degree Certificate; Proof of Date of Birth; 2 Passport size and 2 Stamp size Photos and two attested copies of these credentials are to be submitted in person along with prescribed fee.

How often the Registrations are required to be renewed?
The Registration is valid for a period of 5 years and is to be renewed within one year before 1st April of the year to which it relates.

What happens if I don’t possess Valid Registration?
Registration confers right to practice as Veterinary Professional according to his qualification and it is a statutory requirement. No person other than a registered Veterinary Practitioner shall hold office as Veterinary Physician or Surgeon or any other like office in Government or in any Institutions and practice Veterinary Medicine in any State.