1. Implement Indian Veterinary Council Act, 1984 and Karnataka Veterinary Council Rules 1998.
  2. Preparation & Maintenance of State Veterinary Practitioner’s Register:
    • Incorporate additions/deletions or any amendments to the Registry.
    • Periodical updating of the State Veterinary Practitioner’s Register.
    • Communicate information to Veterinary Council of India for necessary amendments in Indian Veterinary Practitioner’s Register.
  3. Implement Veterinary Council of India (Registration) Regulations 1992.
  4. Implement Veterinary Council of India (Standard of Professional Conduct, Etiquette & Code of Ethics for Veterinary Practitioner’s) Regulations 1992.
  5. Implement Veterinary Council of India (Veterinary Practitioner’s) Regulations 2005.
  6. Suggest/Recommend minimum standards for Veterinary Education in the State.
  7. Implement such other Acts & Rules promulgated from time to time by either Union or State Government.
  8. Implement Professional efficiency development programmes under Continuing Veterinary Education.


Continuing Veterinary Education

Continuing Veterinary Education is an essential prerequisite for sustained Professional Knowledge and improved quality of services of Veterinary Professionals. The Components evolved and suggested by the expert group comprises of:

  • Knowledge based programmes for updating Professional / Technical Knowledge in disciplines directly related to Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Development.
  • Skill/ Technology based programmes to improve skills and competence in Animal Health Care System, Veterinary Public Health & Production Technologies etc.
  • Technical Competence Development Programmes to improve Technical Competence in areas like Diagnostics and Production Technologies.
  • Refresher courses to choose the area of professional needs and to keep abreast of current developments.
  • Programmes are implemented through interactive mode as also open learning mode. Veterinary Colleges, Research Institutions and experts in specific areas will be associated.
  • The Karnataka Veterinary Council in its endeavour for continuing Veterinary Education will organize Seminars, conferences and workshops with specific requests.
  • The Programme schedules are in accordance with identified modules.