Submit following credentials and two attested copies of these in person along with prescribed Fee.

  1. Form of application for registration – Form VIII
  2. Original provisional degree certificate and marks card
  3. Original degree certificate
  4. Proof of date of birth
  5. Two passport size and two stamp size photographs

Application form is available in the Downloads section.


  • The State Veterinary Practitioner’s Register consists of details of Registered Veterinary Practitioners in the State who have been enrolled as members in pursuance of Indian Veterinary Council Act.1984 and Karnataka Veterinary Council Rules 1998.
  • Registration is a statutory requirement and all those Veterinarians who are engaged in Veterinary Profession in Karnataka are required to register themselves in Karnataka Veterinary Council.
  • Persons possessing recognized Veterinary qualification and who resides in the State of Karnataka are eligible for Registration.
  • Registration is provided for a period of five years in the first instance and is required to be renewed subsequently for every five years.
  • Members are required to possess valid Registration certificates by periodical renewals before due date.
  • Renewal is permissible before 1st day of April of the year to which it relates.
  • Post-Graduate Degree or Diploma in Veterinary Science obtained in addition to recognized Veterinary qualification is entitled for entry in Registry.
  • Registered Veterinary Practitioner’s are required to communicate any changes in place of residence or practice within 90 days to the Council.
  • “No objection Certificate” to be obtained by surrendering the Original Certificate where they have first registered for registrations in another State.
  • With written request addressed to the Registrar, a duplicate Certificate can be obtained after satisfactory proof in case of loss or destruction.